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Preparing your Learners for National Benchmark Tests (NBT) Tests

Preparing your Learners for National Benchmark Tests (NBT) Tests

Writing of the NBT is reserved for applicants to higher education institutions in South Africa. Teachers are not permitted to write the NBT with a view to preparing their learners for the tests. “Teaching to the test” limits real engagement with the topics that are being assessed.

Educators’ booklets

The following booklets have been provided to assist teachers to prepare their learners for the NBT Mathematics (MAT) test and the Academic and Quantitative Literacy (AQL) test.

MAT booklet:

AQL booklet:

English English
Xhosa Afrikaans
Zulu Xhosa

Demystifying the NBTs

In June 2017, the Centre for Educational Testing for Access and Placement (CETAP) held a workshop for educators to “Demystify the NBTs”.

The workshop was primarily aimed at Life Orientation educators, but was attended by a variety of other subject educators.

We focussed on answering the following questions:

  • Why are the NBTs used by universities?
  • How do the NBTs complement the NSC?
  • How have learners performed on the NBT in the past, compared to their NSC performance?
  • What kind of work will learners face at university and how should educators prepare them for this?

View the presentations on our YouTube channel.

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