Civil Society Facility South Dialogue Fellows Programme 2017


Civil Society Facility South Dialogue Fellows Programme Application Form, Eligibility, Requirements and Guidelines for the 2017/2018 session.

Civil society Facility South Dialogue Fellows Programme

Young people have played a significant role in demanding basic rights for building their future towards sustainable processes.

The Fellowship programme invests in the mobilisation of youth as drivers of change and democracy: it aims at involving Youth into policy making and dialogue in the Southern Mediterranean region. It will support existing youth networks and Youth fellows, to share experience, monitor progress and provide mutual support.

About CSFS Dialogue Fellows

This programme is targeting 30 young CSO representatives aged 24 36 years old willing to work at regional/international levels to promote youth role in policy making and dialogue. Participants will come from Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine1, Tunisia and Syria.

For this 2017 programme, there will be a specific focus on: peace and partnerships (advocating for CS space; employment and social business), and preventing violent extremism.

3 workshops will take place in the region between April and October 2017.

There will be online coaching between the workshops by CS experts and with the Fellows of the 2016 programme, at local level. Activities in Brussels related to the Civil Society Forum – Neighbourhood South are also to be foreseen.

Location: activities to be held mostly in the European Neighbourhood South and Brussels.

Implementation: This programme will be managed by the Civil Society Facility South (CSFS), based in Tunis on behalf of the European Union (DG NEAR), in close collaboration with partner CSOs from the region and EU Delegations.



The overall goal of the “Dialogue Fellows” is to promote young leaders and reinforce their capacities to develop civil society regional initiatives through empowering approaches.

This programme aims to enhance skills of young members (or staff) of CSOs with a balance of: gender, fields of action, background, geographical coverage and nationality.

The fellows will identify key priorities in policy making and dialogue for sustainable solutions on: preventing violent extremism, peace and partnerships, employment and social business.


The programme targets young leaders and focuses on:

  • Involvement in Policy making: providing tools to gain expertise on involving youth in policy issues; entail policy research and advocacy initiatives, towards case studies.
  • Structured Dialogue mechanisms: develop synergies for structured dialogue at regional level and with the European Union in particular.
  • Capacity building: Capacity development to strengthen Youth CS Networks both from outside and within their community through:

Trainings of Trainers: train other young leaders from local and regional CSOs

Communication skills develop advocacy skills in practice and building relationships with CSOs, governments, local authorities, international institutions (EU, UN, World Bank, Union for the Mediterranean, Anna Lindh Foundation).

  • Networking: reinforce cooperation and coordination among youth networks in particular through young CS leaders towards: fora, think tanks or media.
  • Dialogue Platform: provide an online platform for young people and CS networks to exchange on regional solutions to regional challenges.


Applicants must be a staff of a Civil Society Organisation (or platform/network) from the Neighbourhood South Region and comply with the definition below:

The EU considers CSOs to include all non-State, not-for-profit structures, non-partisan and non violent, through which people organise to pursue shared objectives and ideals, whether political, cultural, social or economic. Operating from the local to the national, regional and international levels, they comprise urban and rural, formal and informal organisations. They include membership-based, cause-based and service-oriented CSOs. Among them, community-based organisations, non-governmental organisations, faith-based organisations, foundations, research institutions, Gender and LGBT organisations, cooperatives, professional and business associations, and the not-for-profit media. Trade unions and employers’ organisations, the so-called social partners, constitute a specific category of CSOs.

Nationalities or Countries of origin to be Eligible:

Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia and Syria

Profile Requirements:

Eligible CSOs from eligible countries can nominate ONE participant based on these requirements:

  • 1 applicant /participant per organization (CSO);
  • Proposed applicant should be within the age limits of 24-36 years old;
  • Proposed applicant has at least 3 years-experience being involved in sectorial projects, specifically in actions of advocacy and policy dialogue;
  • Good Command/ Proficiency in English or/and French language proficiency in addition to Arabic will be required.

Required Documents to Apply:

  • Application form fully filled out– with recommendations from the applicant’s CSO supporting the candidacy;
  • Motivation letter by the applicant in Arabic; translated in either English or French, and co-signed by the CSO;
  • Curriculum vita of the applicant;
  • Copy of passport or ID (with birth date).

How to Apply for Civil Society Facility South Dialogue Fellows Programme

CSFS Dialogue Fellows Application Form

Applications to be submitted to [email protected] by 12 March 2017 in Arabic, English or French (for the ones in Arabic, a summary of the cover letter and profile should be translated in French or English).Trainings’ fees will be fully covered by the EU.


  • Costs related to participation will be covered (flights and visas, accommodation, meals);
  • Selected applicants will receive a confirmation of selection by email. They will have to confirm their presence to all activities. Invitations for obtaining visas will be sent.
  • Workshops will be held mostly in Arabic with translation and interpretation in English and French: a good command of English or French is required.
  • Submission deadline is 12 March 2017 (6:00 pm, Tunis Local Time).

To be sent to: [email protected]

CSFS Dialogue Fellows Webpage


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