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Feenix registration Ongoing. Register with Feenix to be a part of an organisation that aims to eliminate the stress of debt from your studies.


The majority of students require funding for their studies and often find themselves searching frantically for any form of financial assistance available to them. However, this is not always an easy task. Feenix was created in 2017 in response to the #FeesMustFallMovement which saw many students not being able to pursue their studies because of financial constraints.

At Feenix, a relationship is built between the student and the community. Through donations as well as a passion for education, Feenix has helped over a thousand people pursue their dreams in higher education. Partnering with Standard Bank, Feenix is able to provide support to those who are in need of financial assistance in higher education in a safe and secure way.


What is Feenix?

Feenix is a student programme that uses the process of fundraising in order to helped students fund their studies.  They assist students with avoiding an accumulation of debt which would have brought about issues while you’re pursuing your studies. They encourage you to access your community and work together to achieve students goals. Being a part of ‘the middle’ has students not being eligible for bursaries at the time but Feenix is able to assist these students.

Feenix provides you with an opportunity to communicate with funders to support you and network so that they can invest in your future. Feenix is a part of many success stories and has encouraged many to be motivated and make a difference in South Africa.

Is Feenix For Me?



  • you are a South African citizen/permanent resident/refugee or asylum seeker
  • you are registered at a public South African university
  • you have current or historical debt owing to your university
  • your combined household income is under R600k per year
  • you have a certified copy of your identity document
  • you have an official* fee statement [*(not older than 30 days and on the university’s letterhead)]

then yes, Feenix is for you.

How Do I Apply?

First, make sure you tick all the things mentioned above. Then, go to their website and register. From there on, Feenix will assist you. You will then need to share your profile with people in your community and elsewhere in order to get funded and you can start your journey to debt-free education.

Opportunity Closing Date: Tuesday, March 31, 2020

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