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Siyabonga Beyile (born 7 December 1993) is the founder and creative director of ‘The Threaded Man. He is also known as Mr. Threaded Man because of his blog.


Siyabonga Beyile is a stylist, writer, public speaker, MC, and entrepreneur. He was born in cape town in on the

Siyabonga Beyile (born 7 December 1993) is the founder and creative director of ‘The Threaded Man. He is also known as Mr. Threaded Man because of his blog.

Full Name Siyabonga Beyile
Date of Birth 7 December 1993 (26 years old)
Gender Male
Occupation Director
Nationality South African
Net Worth $200,000

Siya Beyile Age

He was born on the 7th of December 1993 in Cape Town South Africa. As of 2019, he is 26 years.

Career and Education Background

He was a Student at Wynberg Boys High School, Cape Town, South Africa. During his time as a student, he competed in sports such as rugby, hockey, and athletics.

He was also heavily involved in cultural activities including the choir, debating and playing the trumpet and clarinet.

Siya enrolled at Fashion School, LISOF, where he majored in Trends and Garment Construction after he finished from Wynberg Boys High School.


Siya Beyile launched The Threaded Man blog during his time as a student of LISOF, but he was unable to finish his program at LISOF due to financial reasons. As a result, Siya was forced to abandon his studies but this motivated him to focus on creating a business out of his blog.

The growing popularity of The Threaded Man on social media attracted a private investor who saw a future for The Threaded Man and began mentoring Siya.

The blog ‘The Threaded Man’ was launched in February 2013, which served as an online portal that provides men with the latest style trends, introducing them to a trendy and sophisticated lifestyle for today’s metro man including a styling department for TV productions and TV performers.

He was appointed as the Fashion Director for the South African Music Awards and The MTV Africa Music Awards at the age of 22.

In 2016, Forbes Africa announced Siya as one of Africa’s 30 under 30. On 6th February 2017, he started a show ‘The Threaded Exchange with Siya Beyile’ which is a weekly 1-hour show on Cliff Central which airs at 11h00.

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Siyabonga Beyile Salary

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