Umbuso Training Services in South Africa

Umbuso Training Services is a Private College in Gauteng, South Africa. All the latest news and vital information about the Umbuso Training Services can be found on this page.


Umbuso Training Services

  • Registration Number: 2011/FE07/074
  • Institution Location: Gauteng
  • Qualification Types:GETC

    FET Certificate

    National Certificate

    National Diploma

  • Type of education institution: Private College

Umbuso Training Services aims to offer versatile, sustainable and manageable training, thereby transforming the communities it is involved with.


Umbuso Training Services Qualifications offered


  • GET Certificate: Clothing Manufacturing Processes (level 1)
  • GET Certificate: Environmental Practice (Level 1)
  • GET Certificate: Food and Beverage Handling Processes (Level 1)
  • GET Certificate: General Forestry (Level 1)
  • GET Certificate: Horticulture (Level 1)
  • GET Certificate: Lumber Milling (Level 1)
  • GET Certificate: Poultry Production (Level 1)
  • National Certificate: Accommodation Services (Level 2)
  • National Certificate: Bread and Flour Confectionery Baking (Level 2)
  • National Certificate: Clothing, Textile, Footwear and Leather Manufacturing Processes (Level 2)
  • National Certificate: Furniture Marking: Wood (Level 2)
  • National Certificate: Furniture Marking: Wood (Level 2)
  • National Certificate: Horticulture (Level 2)
  • National Certificate: Nature Conservation: Resource Guardianship (Level 2)
  • National Certificate: Plant Production (Level 2)
  • National Certificate: Animal Production (Level 3)
  • National Certificate: Environmental Practice (Level 3)
  • National Certificate: Fast Food Services (Level 3)
  • National Certificate: Food and Beverage Processing: Fish and Seafood Processing (Level 3)
  • National Certificate: Forestry: Silviculture (Level 3)
  • National Certificate: Forestry: Timber Harvesting (Level 3)
  • National Certificate: Furniture Marking: Wood (Level 3)
  • National Certificate: IT: End-User Computing (Level 3)
  • National Certificate: Local Government Councilor Practices (Level 3)
  • National Certificate: Plant Production (Level 3)
  • National Certificate: Poultry Production (Level 3)
  • National Certificate: Food and Beverage Services (Level 4)
  • National Certificate: IT: Technical Support (Level 4)
  • National Certificate: Professional Cookery (Level 4)
  • FET Certificate: Event Support (Level 4)
  • FET Certificate: Environmental Practice (Level 4)
  • FET Certificate: Fire and Rescue Operations (Level 4)
  • FET Certificate: Municipal Finance and Administration (Level 4)
  • FET Certificate: Nature Conservation: Natural Resource Guardianship Terrestrial (Level 4)
  • FET Certificate: Wild Land Fire Fighting (Level 4)
  • National Certificate: Plant Production (Level 4)
  • National Certificate: Manufacturing (Level 5)
  • National Diploma: Accommodation Services (Level 5)

Umbuso Training Services Fees:


Contact the campus for more information regarding fees.

Umbuso Training Services Applications:

Visit the campus for information regarding the application process.


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